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You can DONATE through PAYPAL, you will be given the PERK listed on the INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN, to see Perks CLICK on the "Click Her to Sponsor a Girl" link, and choose your donation level. You are welcome to choose S donation amount that is not listed, and you can request NO PERK, otherwise we will contact you on perks according to your donation. THANK YOU! We will continue to sponsor girls to this event. We are 50+ and we will keep the DONATION LINK open until September 19, 2014.

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Silicon Valley Business Coach and Radio Show host Margaret Jackson is today's thought leader on radically working on your small business, and career. If you have the courage to think BIG and DIFFERENT; you will IMPACT your future! Her customers are winners! Her customers are challenged to think about what they are not thinking about. Radical Investment equals IMPOSSIBLE RESULTS!

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Money Team 2.0 Business Coach Margaret Jackson is on the edge! Women in business, small businesses, startups, professional men and women engage your thoughts in renewed business and professional information. Business on the Edge is Power talk, all Real, all Raw, and Straight Edged-passionate business and professional talk radio.

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The Bay Area/Silicon Valley top Business Purpose Coach and AM 1220 KDOW Radio Host Margaret Jackson launched the long-awaited Women In Business CLUB! The CLUB is open to women Nationwide. On the Edge Women In Business CLUB
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